Jan 25

The materials used in beddinge

In the separator (we cover those areas where you do not have to stick the resin on the metal parts folded buttstock), you can apply Shoe cream, wax based, for example Kiwi. Industrial separation wax lubricant type Penta-126 and the like, or soft waxes. Can wax dissolve in gasoline to a liquid state and apply it. It is better to apply two thin layers with intermediate drying for 20-30 minutes. It is not necessary to apply grease (Litol, etc.) of epoxy resin can stick.

If you do not have a ready composition for bedding, then the principle as a basis you can use regular epoxy EAF. The main thing that time of life was from 25…30 minutes if the air temperature is +20C. But the bare resin doesn’t suit us, it is necessary to add a filler of aluminum powder, glass powder, in General, any finely divided mineral filler. With a filler composition, get stronger, less shrinkage and more strength (which is important, because if our compound will leak out of the clearance work in vain). Therefore it is useful to make a test sample mixture, the viscosity and curing time. Use the “cold welding”, but you need to choose the most mild with the maximum possible life time. Since curing epoxy resins at room temperature is not complete, it is useful (for a set of greater strength) after curing of the composition, heating it to +40…45C for at least 4-6 hours. You can place the battery at the salt lick, etc. talking about the composite butt, or bed Assembly hardware, wood I would be afraid to warm.