Jan 25

Than composite ( plastic ) boxes and butts better than wood

Task arrow to hit the target. And I would like to do this more often.

In achieving this goal will help us: training, stable cartridge, a convenient weapon, the weapon stable.

Training a multi-faceted thing, everyone sets himself goals and tasks and chooses the path.

With a stable cartridge as everything is clear. There must be confidence that after the impact of the firing pin in the primer, the burning charge and the bullet or the fraction will be the same for each following shot (with some degree of error of course). Here I would have preferred the homemade ammunition, because there is a belief that and as you yourself have collected. Besides, you can always pick up a prescription equipment, it is under your trunk and objectives.

With the convenience of a gun is not easy. Each person has their own body geometry. There are anatomical features grip, discounted, retention, etc.. And arms manufacturers make some average geometry of their boxes, butts. To understand and forgive them, they do a mass product in large enough quantities, will not please everyone, but even so could make a more convenient products. This serious sin of domestic arms factories (but slowly something is changing, sort of). It may be better to just sell the bare hardware? People would have purchased a convenient butt from the range in place in the store or ordered from the master on the side of what he needs.

However we should not forget about the technical constraints on the geometry, lie, butts in terms of strength: wood, laminate and quality of raw materials that goes into mass production (have to make a reserve of strength, increasing thickness). And their original weaknesses, and it is clearly marked stratification of these materials. Bar nut 50*50mm hard to split with an axe across and along the grain it is made easy.

Broken wooden butt

Deprived of these disadvantages composite or as they say plastic. Because composite butt or bed in fact it is the crust made of fiberglass, carbon, or hybrid materials filled inside (or empty) is also a composite, only more easily than the crust. No layers and no areas of distinct weakness. When producing, you can enhance the right place, not increasing extra “meat” at the expense of weight and ease. It is possible to do such a geometry, which is not possible when using traditional materials. Easily done with the final finishing to the metal of the end user, i.e. fit bedding that improves the stability of shooting.

Than composite and plastic boxes and butts better than wood ?

Two examples from life.

I had a shotgun, cheap markovochka TOZ-BM. Wandering through forests and swamps had a detrimental effect on the tree’s condition (though was soaked with oil), water and sun did the trick. As usual at the wrong moment cracked the neck of the butt, saved the tape (too much without it). At the end, made of plastic stock and forend (i.e., of course a composite stock and forend). Correctly mounted and closed the issue with humidity, etc. And scratches from branches and pieces of iron to themselves as it is overwritten.

cracked wood stock

When I bought a Remington 700 rifle in .308 caliber in his native plastic box. What can I say, this is native cheap paddle hardly be called convenient and certainly stable. A convenient replacement composite box and fitting/bedding under my hardware has drastically changed the picture. Come to understand what mistakes I have made when shooting and not guessing what and where I did wrong.