Jan 25

Bedding: nuances, defects, errors

Sometimes, when carrying out bedding and after there are nuances and bugs.

If you are using a new resin (composition) or not designed initially for bedding, do a test batch! Control it as a fluid compound, in order to avoid leakage (leak) epoxy composition, which is not handy. Check the setting time, so as not to alter later. Lubricate with a release agent all the places that should not be glued. Don’t forget to grease the threads if possible contact of the resin with them. Not to be used as a divide greases (Litol, Ciatim, etc.) as well as liquid oil! Butt wrap with a film that would not get dirty. Prepare the snap-in to a rifle or a shotgun could be installed in a convenient position securely. Machine for cleaning, a box with V necks etc. Have on hand several pairs of disposable latex gloves (nitrile and vinyl do not normally stretch, long wear). Prepare a rag and acetone to remove unnecessary resin.

When beddinge classic rifles, to mount the receiver (the receiver) stocks screws, make sure that in the end screws will stand perpendicular to the axis of the barrel. And should not touch the walls of their holes.

I once, in haste, made his bedding in a new box (Remington 700) and the shooting showed a funny system hits. The first shot went for 9 hours in 100mm from the aiming point, the second near 70mm, the third and the subsequent (the break between rounds is 1 minute) to a point. Did a break of 5 minutes and the pattern repeated. Most likely cause was the screws that stood up at an angle and when tightened slightly pushes the receiver forward. And when the shots receiver slowly sat on the seat and the rifle shot fine. Redid the procedure beddinge and all passed. Here by the way, it should be noted that for the first time left a gap in front of the paws of the impact as I read on the Internet and triggerguard not set, the supporting surface under it then brought. And altered later, kleiva and paw pasted completely.

In General, carefully and without haste.