Composite ( plastic) stocks

My name is Dmitry, I make a composite (plastic) stocks on the weapon.

It all started in 2007, there was a desire to replace the wood IZH-27 on the plastic (as more practical stocks). I decided to try to make yourself a composite stock and forend. The decision was made gradually (over 3 years) developed technology that allows us to produce comfortable, durable, wear-resistant composite stocks. And as he engaged in hunting and shooting, trying to make usable and practical things.

In colloquial speech usually plastic stocks or call everything not made out of the tree or laminate. I think you need to clarify what is meant by a plastic stock and composite, to separate these materials.



a features:

I can produce, perhaps a configuration item (stock, etc.) made of fiberglass, carbon fiber. The entire Surface is rubberized and has a matte, wear-resistant, tenacious/gritty and that’s pretty important to “warm” to the touch cover (regular plastic cools significantly in cool weather). Any monochrome color (multi color option). The installation of the aluminum tire in stock. Set antibody bolts and swivels. In the database they are not, someone they need who does not. Can carve bushings for bedding, etc.. There is a mill, can produce paw recoil, adjustable tylnik and other details.

I give a 2 year warranty on the structural integrity of the product when subject to proper installation (on the lees, the fit, beddinge).

Boxes and butts on the weapon